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You can greatly enhance your workflow with some easy tips and tricks

Keyboard shortcodes: Within a project, pressing “t” on your keyboard will automatically open the window to create a new Issue. The button “n” withh do the same for a Note and “t” for a To-do item.

Task ID’s: Sometimes Issue names can be very long, which can make referencing one a real hassle. In the backend, in the PrimusNote area (Apperance-PrimusNote”) You will find some options for the Kanban board. There you can also activate the option “Show task ID”. This will show a three digit number before any task name. If you leave a comment anywhere within the project, you can link to that number by simply writing “#+Number” so for example, the task called “Change the logo to red” might have the ID “487”, so the link to this task would simply be #487.

Show Issue name: When uploading an attachment or writing a comment to a Issue, you might wonder the exact name of the task you are working on (or you want to know the Issue ID). Simply move your mouse over the tab “Issue” and its name will appear above, right next to the project name.

Working with colors: Every team has its own internal ways of communicating. This is what the color feature is for. Users can give any item a different color. Whatever this color means to you or your team is up to you. While creating PrimusNote for example, we gave any Issue related to a new feature a green color and and every Issue or to-do item that had to do with bugs in the frontend a red color tag. It’s just one more way of communicating and keeping everyone informed about the work that has to be done.

Understanding notifications can also help you navigate through PrimusNote faster. Have a look at this article to learn more.

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