User & Client management

Let’s say you are running PrimusNote for your business and want to manage all your clients projects with it. You might want to give clients access to their project in PrimusNote to make Notes, sign off on tasks and share ideas. Of course you wouldn’t want them to see other clients projects. To archive that, simply add a new user via the WordPress backend and give them the role as “Contributor“. Then make sure you assign them to a project. You can do this when creating a new one by clicking on the “User” tab or by clicking on the settings menu within an opened project. You can find the settings menu on the top right – simply click on the three dots and chose “Settings”.

Being an contributor will allow them to only see the project they are assigned to. They will be able to add new Notes, To-dos and Issues and also comments and share files.

If you want them to “see only” without the ability to create or delete content, make them a “subscriber”. It’s that easy 🙂


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