Notification System

The Notification System was introduced with PrimusNote 1.4. Currently notifications via email are supported.
You can set it up in two ways:

  1. One By One
  2. Summary

1. One By One

This setting will send a email notification out as soon as the change occurs. For example: You update an issue and immediately, whilst saving the changes, the users connected to the issue will get the notification that something was changed.

2. Summary

The summary variant is a bit more advanced. It will accumulate changes over the span of 24 hours and send an aggregated email containing all the changes at once. In theory, you can add a custom time for the notifications to be sent out at. But due to the way the WordPress cron jobs work, the time might not always be respected. Read more in the next section

Cron Jobs

WordPress cron jobs (aka time scheduled actions) are based on user interaction. Contrary to server side cron jobs, that will be triggered by the system clock on time, WordPress only performs a given action when an user accesses the website, e.g. PrimusNote.
This means: Let’s say you have set the notification time in the settings to 18:00:00, but no user visits your site until 07:00 in the next morning. In that case, the notifications will be sent at 07:00.

The way to change this would be to trigger a cron job from the server that will interact with your website. Find some tutorials on google on how to do that.

Email Settings

If you are not getting any emails from your server, it might be that your webhosting provider hasn’t set up sendmail properly, your webhosts email is blacklisted or some other problem occured.

The easiest way to bring WordPress emails to life is to use a SMTP plugin. There are a couple of them out there.
Install anyone you want and set up an external email account, like a google mail account or custom email from your webhosting provider. (Refer to the respected documentation if you need help)

Once correctly set up, PrimusNote will be able to send you notifications without troubles.

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