Notes (+Video)

As the name suggests, notes are text elements. You can write a text and others can comment and share their own ideas via making changes to the note itself or uploading files attachments. They are represented by a card on the “Notes” tab within a project, showing the title and first few lines of content.
Notes are great for brainstorming and discussing things too vague or yet to complex for an issue. Let’s say for example you want to collect some Ideas for a website relaunch: Simply create a note and invite your colleagues to add links and images and comments of sites they found of the web and that they like. Start a conversation about the ideas. Once you have a the first solid suggestions, create an issue, asking the designer to come up with a mockup of the new site. Add a link to the note so he can understand the thinking process and has access to all relevant material

To create a note, simply press “n” on your keyboard or move your mouse or finger over the green button from within a project. From there chose the first entry with a document icon to add a note.
To delete a note, simply click on the “x” at the top right corner of the note card. But be aware: Deleting a note will also delete all associated comments and file attachments.

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