Attention: Please read our security section to make sure you understand how to secure your install from data fraught/lost etc.

We recommend to install PrimusNote not on your main domain ( but rather on a subdomain ( and to activate “discourage search engines to index this page” in “Settings – Reading” in your WordPress backend.

You have two ways of installing the theme. You can upload it throug the wordpress theme uploader, which is the most simple solution, or you can upload it via ftp.

The WordPress Way

There is a great tutorial on how do to that on the wordpress site. Click here to access it (redirecting to

  1. Go to the backend and click on “Upload Theme”


2. Chose theme from your computer and click on “install now”


3. Go to “Apperance – Themes” and activate PrimusNote


4. After you activate the theme yoi are prompted to install the “PrimusNote Plugin” – this is needed for the theme to work. Don’t forget to also activate it after intallation!




4. Check out the site – you need to click on the green button on the top right to open PrimusNote


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Using FTP

For this, there is a great tutorial on, too. Access it here.


Installation Errors

If you experience any errors during the installation, please read this short section before contacting us.

  1. I get an error like Unexpected T_OLD_FUNCTION, Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in … or something similar: Please upgrade to PHP Version 5.6 or higher or 7.0 or higher. We don’t support any prior versions.
    To update, refer to your host’s documentation.
  2. WordPress tells me the stylesheet is broken.
    This error comes often, when you upload the files via ftp, but the upload somehow was not completed. Remove all the theme’s files from your server and upload again.
  3. I get the error: “Undefined function xyz”.
    As above, this is an indicator that the files could not be completely uploaded. Reupload to be sure!

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