Getting started with security

When using PrimusNote you might exchange important information with your team or clients. It is obvious that security should be a major part of your daily work. Keep in mind, that PrimusNote itself or WordPress doen’t provide a “special” security level. In fact, you should defenatley use some security plugins and also do some code work to make your WordPress install all secure. Besides that, always keeping your install updated, daily backups and super secure password need to have highest priority. You should also consider hiding your PrimusNote install from beeing accessable to Google or people just “searching the web”. Please habe a look at this article from to get started on the topic.

No tips here?

No, because it is impossible to keep this article always up to date. Please use for example Google to search for “WordPress security tips” or something similar. You will come around very good articles by reliable sources (make sure they are not too old, as security needs change all the time).

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