User Rights

Since version 1.6, PrimusNote supports different levels of User Rights. There are two different sets of user roles: WordPress based user roles PrimusNote unique user roles If you create a user, you will see the following set of roles: The difference between the (PrimusNote)-prefixed roles and the other roles is […]

Notification System

The Notification System was introduced with PrimusNote 1.4. Currently notifications via email are supported. You can set it up in two ways: One By One Summary 1. One By One This setting will send a email notification out as soon as the change occurs. For example: You update an issue […]

Using @ and # to quick connect

When writing a comment, you can put an “@+username” to link to a specific user. He will then be informed via mail that he was mentioned in that specific comment. When working with Issuesyou can also assign the item to one or more users. They will also be informed. The […]

Getting started with security

When using PrimusNote you might exchange important information with your team or clients. It is obvious that security should be a major part of your daily work. Keep in mind, that PrimusNote itself or WordPress doen’t provide a “special” security level. In fact, you should defenatley use some security plugins […]

Make PN act like an app

If you want to your installation to work like an app when accessing it from your smartphone. Simply open the website in your mobile browser and then save it to the homescreen. If you access your site now via the icon, a browser will open without the browser controls, giving […]

User Settings

Adding users is the same as with any default WordPress installation. In the backend, go to “Users” and click on “add new”. Fill out the forms and you are done 🙂 Adding a author information Go to “Users” in the WordPress backend. Click on “edit” below the user you want […]

Working with ID’s

In the PrimusNote backend you will find the option “Show ID on kanban card” (PrimusNote – Basic – Kanban). If you activate that setting, a custom ID will be shown right next to each task name. If you leave a comment anywhere within the project, you can link to that […]

Manage Uploads & File size limit

You can upload all kind of content to Notes, Issues and even comments. Every user who has access to a project can see all the content that is attached to any item within that project. If you upload file A to a Issue A, it will be attached to that […]

Work faster with these tips

You can greatly enhance your workflow with some easy tips and tricks Keyboard shortcodes: Within a project, pressing “t” on your keyboard will automatically open the window to create a new Issue. The button “n” withh do the same for a Note and “t” for a To-do item. Task ID’s: […]